A Wrinkled Wedding Dress...

A Wrinkled Wedding Dress...

Planning a wedding can be stressful! 

It can also be one of the best times of your life and you should never be so stressed out that you do not enjoy the experience. 

When I first got to LA, I worked in a wedding dress boutique near Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. There were happy and not so happy tears, lots of hugging, brides-to-be with anxiety and nerves that no bottle of wine could squander.

There are many phases in wedding dress shopping and lots of stories to tell. But, I am going to start at the end.

What do you do when you get to your room the day of your wedding, pull out your dress and see nothing but wrinkles……..?  

Regardless if the boutique where you got your dress from steams it for you or not, the day of your wedding you want to have a steamer ready to go!

Learn which fabrics can be steamed and which ones cannot.

Steamers work wonderfully for most fabrics, as steaming is a delicate method of de-wrinkling. Fabrics that can be steamed include most cottons, silks, wools, and polyesters.

If you’re unsure if your fabric can be steamed, carefully test the steamer on a small corner of the fabric before using it on the entire wedding dress.

Be careful when steaming delicate fabrics.

Fabrics made from silk, chiffon, sheer, or velvet should be treated with care. Keep a few inches of distance between the steamer and the fabric, and don't steam in one place of fabric for too long.

Steam your garment by running the steamer in downward strokes along the fabric. You don't need to press hard or push the fabric against anything, the steam will gently remove the wrinkles on its own. As you slide the steamer down your garment, press the steam button every so often to apply steam to the fabric.

  • You have the option to use a handheld pad as surface to steam your clothes on, though it is not necessary. It may be helpful when you are steaming extremely dense or wrinkly fabrics. If you decide to use a pad, slip it over one hand and use your other hand to hold the steamer.
  • With extremely wrinkly clothing, you should steam from the inside of the garment, or underneath the garment. The weight of the fabric against the steam will help to get the wrinkles out more quickly.
  • When steaming fabrics with embellishments such as pleats, ruffles, etc., hold the steamer at a distance of 1-2 inches from the fabric. This will allow the fabric to keep its shape while the steam de-wrinkles it. If the garment is extremely wrinkled, you can also turn the garment inside out to steam the fabric without damaging the embellishments.

Let your garment dry.

After a fresh steaming, your garment will feel damp. There may also be some small water spots. Do not be alarmed, this is completely normal and your garment will dry. Let the garment sit for 5-10 minutes after steaming it before you put it on or hang it in your closet. This will give the garment ample time to dry.

*WWD Tip: If you have your make-up done already, have someone who isn't make-up ready steam it for you. 
The power of the steamer and the type of head it has is really important. We recommend a flat head steamer and luckily enough we have one available in our shop! 



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