Featured Bride Friday: A Western Desert Wedding

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Featured Bride Friday: A Western Desert Wedding

Featured Bride Friday

Featured Bride is a our new series to help inspire and celebrate beautiful weddings.

They say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day! On what started to be a beautiful summer day, Cassie & her fiance were married in charming church located in the California desert. As the bridal party and guests were heading to their outdoor ranch reception, a dark cloud opened up and it started to pour! Due to a great catering company and event planner, the decor and food was able to be saved and the party was still able to pop off after the short rain delay. 

Name: Cassie 
Date of Wedding: June 06, 2015
Wedding Colors & Theme: Colors were coral, navy blue, ivory & grey
Venue: Desert Ranch

How did you and your partner meet/ what was your proposal like?

Family friends. He proposed on the Golden Gate Bridge. Ever since we’ve been together, we have been going to San Francisco every summer so he decided to do it there.

What was your favorite detail of your wedding?

The flowers & the chandelier over the dance floor.

What was the favorite moment of your wedding?

First dance with my husband in the rain.

What was the most difficult part of Wedding Planning?

Doing the guest list.

If you could give one tip to brides-to-be, what would it be?

Do not stress or over think things! Everything will work out!



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