Wedding Checklist - Make Sure You Cover Every Last Detail

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Wedding Checklist - Make Sure You Cover Every Last Detail

This is probably a no brainer, but it’s worth saying again & again - There is a lesser chance that something will go wrong... if you are organized. So if you're someone who likes to handwrite your plans - pick up a wedding planner! There are tons of cute options out there and they come in all different shapes and sizes. We’ve provided some suggestions below.

Why a planner? You’ll want to keep all your wedding stuff in one place… like receipts, contracts, important dates, appointments and their locations, ideas, to-do lists -- you know, everything!

Not much a planner person? Learn to love it for this occasion. You'll appreciate having a one-stop resource that keeps you focused and also stress-free! 

Other Helpful WWD Tips
Make a New Email Account!
You will be reaching out to vendors, sending contracts, signing up for inspirational newsletters, following Pin boards, etc, so you’ll want everything wedding-related to be in one place. Trust us, you won’t want to clog up your personal or work inbox with all of your wedding stuff. Plus, you can always delete the email after your nuptials are over!
***We recommend a gmail account, so you can take advantage of using Google Drive to keep all of your documents, spreadsheets, etc in one digital place. Documents can be accessed by anyone you invite to the documents (hint: your soon-to-be hubby or partner). This will make it easier for them to contribute and to see the latest updates of the planning process!

Create a MASTER To-Do List
Sit down and think of anything and everything that you will have to do surrounding the big day. Ask former brides to look over your list and make suggestions. You can break up your to-dos into separate sections too. That way it may not seem like such an overwhelming list.

Utilize your Smartphone
Keep your digital notes and to-do lists easily updated, plug in all your appointments and special dates into your calendar, and add the Google Drive app onto your phone (free). It should make your life easier to always know what is going on.

Set Aside Time to Plan
Giving yourself some quality time to get focused and on track will be very beneficial to your sanity. You’ll want to know when you have to make certain decisions by, send things out, and know when payments are due. It’s also good to make time to sit down with your mate and plan together. After-all, it is a special day for the both of you!

Read the Fine Print
Make sure your contracts clarify and include all the details - stating dates, times and locations... everything. You’re not being difficult by having these included, you’re just making sure you know exactly what you are paying for and what you will be getting. Cancellation policies and fees are also important to be aware of. It might be awkward to ask about them, but better safe than sorry.

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