Wedding Thank You Note Protocol

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Wedding Thank You Note Protocol

Wedding gifts, engagement gifts, and shower gifts, oh my. Be prepared to be showered with presents... at any time between your engagement, wedding, and even after. Each present will deserve recognition and thanks through prompt thank you notes. Contrary to popular belief, you do not get a “one-year wedding pass” on sending thank you notes. So, don’t put them off too long or they will start to pile up!

We recommend trying to send a thank-you card within three months of receipt of the gift. We know you can make that work!

Check out a few of our tips below, so you can set yourself up for Thank You note success!
Preparation is Key!
Your thank you note project will begin as you start to build your list of wedding guests’ and their addresses. This list will be extremely clutch once you start opening envelopes, gift bags, and boxes! Make the effort or request that someone help you with recording a brief description of each present next to their name and address. Additionally, if the same person gets you gifts for separate celebrations (bridal shower and wedding), we would suggest writing separate notes for each present. Each gift and token of kindness deserves to be acknowledged on their own.
*WWD Tip: You may want to consider recording additional details to help you fully keep track of each gift. We suggest recording the the date it was received and the date the thank-you note was sent.

Stationery, Please
Let’s assume you will be writing a ton of thank you notes. You’ll definitely want to purchase some great wedding stationery in advance! That way you’ll always have fabulous, decorative note cards, available for when you want to fire off a few notes.
*WWD Tip: Traditionally, brides-to-be use their maiden name on any pre-wedding thank yous and then switch to their married name after the wedding.

Simple, but cute stationery that has caught our eye -

What to Write 
Be sure to make each note warm and personal. That doesn’t necessarily mean lengthy. Make mention of their gift and offer gracious thanks. The giver spent time and money picking out a special gift for you, so you can spend a bit of time hand writing and personalizing their thank you. Pre-printed notes are a big No-No.
*WWD Tip: Don't use a pencil or colored pen. Also, neatness counts so try not to cross out too many words!
*WWD Tip: Don't attempt to knock them out in one sitting… it’s not going to happen. Even if you shut yourself off in a secluded room!
We have provided a few thank you note examples below -
  • Cash Gift:
Dear Aunt Beth and Uncle Rob,
     Thank you so much for your generous gift. Ashley and I are saving for a new _____ and thanks to you, we'll be shopping for our _____ very soon. Again, many thanks for thinking of us and for sharing our special day.
John and Ashley
  • Bridal Registry Gift:
Dear Jack and Jill,
     Thank you so much for the _____, and for your company on our wedding day. Your _____ is already in use in our new house, and are much appreciated! Thank you again for your thoughtful gift.
Warmest regards,
John and Ashley
  • A Gift From Someone You Don’t Know
Dear Ms. Carlton,
     Thank you so much for attending the celebration on our special day, and for the very thoughtful _____. It was so lovely to meet you on the day, and we’re making plans to use your kind gift very soon!
Thank you again,
Ashley and John
  • A Gift You Didn’t Care For... :
Dear Michelle,
     Thank you for the _____. We can’t wait to make use of it! Again, thank you for thinking of us at this special time in our lives and for your company on our wedding day.
Ashley and John
We all know that thank you notes can take up a lot of time, but it's always worth it to express gratitude to loved ones and friends!

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