Wedding Trends: Crop Top Wedding Gowns

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Wedding Trends: Crop Top Wedding Gowns

From extra lace to feathers, every new season brings about new trends in wedding gowns. What seems to be all the rage right now... crop tops!

At first I wasn’t completely sold. Would it be a trend that everyone looks back and thinks “What was I thinking?!”? Would this mid-drift baring style be the cause of thousands of women extreme crash dieting (even more than regular) in order to pull off this look without the risk of forever seeing a few unwanted rolls in their wedding albums?

I needed to do some research for some convincing of this trend that I, to be frank, thought was saved for nightlife and music festivals.

After some extreme Pinteresting and scanning the latest bridal magazines, I have come to a conclusion: I’m in love with crop top wedding gowns and I hope they’re here to stay!

Whether you are a boho bride, minimalist bride or modern bride, there is a crop top cut gown that is for you! Sidenote - I've noticed that this type of wedding dress options can even be less revealing than a lot of sweetheart necklines that can show off too much cleavage.




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